Friday, June 6, 2008

Human Nature - When We Were Young

As I was going through my usual route of music blogs, I stopped by one of my favorites, Can't Stop The Pop and I came across these guys. Being the boyband fan that I am, the minute I saw the word Blue in the post, I jumped at it and I was not disappointed.

What happened to these guys reminds me of what might happen to Westlife if they keep on doing cover albums. Human Nature started out as a typical boyband, very much like Nysnc, BSB and everyone else. Like Westlife, they're still around, but they're not making money by recording original songs, for the past few years they've been releasing motown cover albums. As of this year, they've had three of those cover albums and a compilation of those three.

Onto the actual song and the actual period that it was released. This was back in 2001, when boybands were still sprouting out from nowhere and almost everyone looked and/or sounded the same. What makes this any different? Well, it's not. OK, maybe it's different in a very obscure way but moving on, it's a good pop song, done deal. It's catchy, it's got a hint of innocence in it and it's the standard verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus to fade formula.

So why not post any another song by them? What really made me take notice was the video. For some strange and still unknown reason, it reminds me of Westlife's video for 'If I Let You Go'. The walking on the beach, the clothes, the fact that the song isn't a ballad, it's all too familiar. OK, maybe the clip where they were in a car and a few others weren't, but it still reminds me of it. My rating? 4/5, for being the standard boyband song.

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