Saturday, August 23, 2008

Girl Group Mania Part 2!

Part 2! As promised, here are more of my favorites but don't worry, I think I can swing a part three in a few days!
  • 'Rock Steady' was on All Saints' 'comeback' album and may I say, it's one heck of a song. Very 50's/60's but once again, updated. The music video was great too, with the black tears and everything. 
  • 'Tell Me Why' off the Spice Girls' last album, 'Forever'(which was outsold by Westlife, 3-1!) is for me, the best song they've ever made(tied of course with 'Stop'). It's got the whole R&B sound of the album but the chorus just makes the song. Very catchy with typical Spice Girls vocals so it's surely an amazing song!
  • The Saturdays' debut single 'If This Is Love' is a great song, especially for a group who are tipped to be the new Spice Girls(Louis Walsh is creating the supposed 'new Girls Aloud' and Jodi Albert's rumored to be in it..). It's very dance-y, and it sounds very British. Of course, they're like a lot of other manufactured acts but if I like the song, I like the song!
  • It's a shame Girl Thing didn't last for very long, 'Extraordinary Love' is very Spice Girls-like and when I say Spice Girls-like, I mean catchy, 90's like and well, Spice Girls-like! 'Last One Standing was good too, but that's another story.
  • I just recently re-discovered 3LW's 'Neva Get Enuf' and just like all the other songs, it's great! Very laid-back R&B and although I would absolutely adore the song without the rap part, I might get used to it after some more listens!
  • Girls Aloud's unique sound was yet again re-defined in one of my favorite songs of theirs, 'Love Machine'. It's swing-y, and dance-y, but it has a melody, it's something you can actually sing along to. 
Enjoyed it? I hope you did..

X Factor!

Whoot! Britain's number one talent search is on season FIVE!

OK, corny much but seriously, I can't believe there've been four winners already(some guy, Shayne Ward!!!!, Leona Lewis and Leon Jackson!!!!!) and this season's kinda promising as well. There are a few people I'm rooting for, but the episode recaps will start during the second round of boot camp.

Just thought you guys would like to know.. and to get you guys excited and maybe even hooked!

Girl Group Mania Part 1!

So, since I have absolutely nothing to do apart from talking and watching TV shows I downloaded, I'm listing down some of my favorite girl group songs. This list is in no particular order, so don't complain if I don't feature your favorite song until part 2!
  • Off the top of my head, The Cheetah Girls' 'Strut' is a great 2005/2006/2007 girl group song. All the harmonies and technical stuff from the 90's is ported to a more 2000's hip-hop sound. Plus, their voices are amazing and the routine was sweet!
  • Probably one of the best girl group collaborations is the Girls Aloud/Sugababes Comic Relief single, 'Walk This Way'. I swear, everything about this song, the melody, the arrangement, the vocals and most of all the video(am-azing!)! It 'seems' like they're screaming but the more you listen to it, the more you absolutely can't stop!
  • Hailed as 'the first Danity Kane'(by me, at least..), Dream made an amazing single back in 2000/2001, 'This Is Me'. The song is the very edgy pop/R&B that everyone was doing during the really early 2000's.. but different. Pity they didn't last for so long.
  • The Sugababes' 2007 single 'About U Now' is a pure and utter pop masterpiece. It's catchy, not annoying and most of all, it was a huge hit in the UK, reaching the top spot on the singles charts. It's good to know that a lot of other people agree with me when I say that this song is most probably an institution by now.
  • 'Girls' by Destiny's Child off their 'greatest hits' album is a great listen. Although it's nowhere near being an institution, the song itself is very catchy and the melody is nice. That plus the lazy but not lazy instrumental makes a great song that's worth listening to.
  • Although Atomic Kitten's 'Cradle' isn't my ultimate favorite song from the group, it's definitely one of their better songs. It's one of those ballads you can't help but listen to more than the standard twice, all in the name of curiosity. At first I was wondering why Tash was the only one singing(yeah..) so yeah. But then they released 'Cradle 2005' and everyone had a solo..
  • 'Incredible' by newcomers, The Clique Girlz is another amazing ballad and it's surprising that those powerhouse vocals came from these girls. The chorus is kinda screechy and the girls have a tendency to scream a bit, but you don't really notice it that much..
Stay tuned for Part 2 where I feature All Saints, Girls Aloud, Spice Girls, Girl Thing, The Saturdays, 3LW and much more!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Some amazing new stuff!

Spur of the moment thing..

Here are some of the amazing new stuff I've found during my scoring through various sites.. want to hear any of them? BUY THEM!
  • Some of the most popular female artists have released 'Just Stand Up', an amazing, DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS song for the Stand Up to Cancer campaign. Seriously! It's very, very catchy yet it does what it's supposed to do, raise a lot of money for a worthy cause(insert 'awwwwwww' here). Despite a lot of flops in the charity single arena, this, I'm very pleased to say, has been done right and has earned countless plays on my iPod! BUY it now!
  • One of my favorite blogs just featured E.M.D., perhaps the hottest new Swedish boyband to come out this year. Their first two singles went to number one on the Swedish charts, and so did their album so I got curious. Turns out, some of guys who've been behind the likes of Britney Spears, Shayne Ward and Westlife also wrote a couple of songs for them. The album is pretty darn good. Seriously, get your copy NOW!
  • I just recently re-discovered 3LW(I know, I know.. late, much?) and I'm loving 'Neva Get Enuf'. On the subject of 3LW, The Cheetah Girls 3 was shown already(I think..), and soundtrack is amazing! Among my favorites are 'No Place Like Us' and 'What If'..
  • Although Michelle Williams' 'Unexpected' wasn't the gold mine of amazing songs I was expecting, 'Thank U' is a very, very pretty song among a few others. 'We Break the Dawn part 2' is another great track. Now if only I could get it without the rap...
  • I absolutely adore 'Summertime' but I just heard the NKOTB album sampler and there are quite a few tracks I'm eagerly awaiting, including their duet with Lady GaGa(my new guilty pleasure..) and some really great R&B staples from the guys. 
  • There's this new Hannah Montana remix EP floating around so I decided to give it a listen. I never expected and R&B-fied 'Nobody's Perfect', did I? No way. The 'Rock Star' remix is also a must-listen, a nice way to get a rest from all the uber-cheesy dance trash you get from the 'Non-Stop Dance Party'..
Whoot! enjoyed it? Want more? Discuss in the comments section!

Lady GaGa - Just Dance

Once again, my apologies for ignoring this blog, I've been really busy with Pop Addicted! and school.. but I'm back!
I wrote a review for the whole album on another music blog(go here), but lemme just focus on this song now.

This song is probably the most infectious song I have ever heard that isn't really that annoying, mainly because it actually has structure and a concept. The song doesn't just have a killer melody and some very memorable instrumentals nestled within it, but you can clearly hear once you hear the whole album that it was actually thought through, not thrown together for the sake of recording a song. As I said, there are some very key and memorable melodic and instrumental elements in the song, the same elements that make it such an infectious song but at the same time, let you know that it was thought about.

Throughout the rest of the album, most of the elements that make 'Just Dance' the amazing song that it is are scattered among the songs. As I said in my full review, it's like 'Just Dance' was stripped apart and the result of that were all the other album tracks.

This song is sure to get you hooked on Lady GaGa, so don't forget to support her and buy a copy of 'The Fame'!

My Rating: 5!!!!!