Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Sunday Conversation with The Vinyl Stitches

Raw, rough, slightly psychedelic and infinitely catchy.  That pretty much sums up our reaction to the latest Vinyl Stitches tracks that Postman Sal slumped into the Ripple Office.   Grabbing a beer and joining us today on the red leather interview couch, is Vinny From the Vinyl Stitches!

When I was a kid, growing up in a house with Cat Stevens, Neil Diamond,and Simon and Garfunkel, the first time I ever heard Kiss's "DetroitRock City," it was a moment of musical epiphany. It was just sovicious, aggressive and mean. It changed the way I listened to music.I've had a few minor epiphany's since then, when you come across a band that just brings something new and revolutionary to your ears.

What have been your musical epiphany moments?

I was a teenage runaway.

I was living behind this old Church on Red River Street in Austin Tx. ( A disused nuns quarters...not sure what the proper name was called...) In this long house with creepy group showers and no kitchen. It was a very strange period in my life. Luckily, the Land Lady wasnt a complete trollope and explained to me her  good friend owned and ran a local bbq place that hosted live music Lord.... I thought.....she must have felt
sorry for me or something but basically told me when ever I wanted to catch a show there she would make it so I got in..

The New York Dolls
The Cramps
Chesterfield Kings
Sonic Youth
Roky Ericson

Lots of Rockibilly, Loud Pycho Garage! And many more great bands were presented to me at that young age and I flipped... never the same.... NEVER!

After that I was glad I wasnt held down working a bullshit career. I felt ready to hit what ever came my way head on!

Talk to us about the song-writing process for you. What comes first,the
idea? A riff? The lyrics? How does it all fall into place?

The Attitude, The Lyrics with musical overtone.. then usually it writes itself... otherwise I have twist the knife in Jean Claws back a little tighter haha.

Where do you look for continuing inspiration? New ideas, new motivation?

The Streets innit!? haha... seems really easy here in London to get theattitude of a collective society just walking around and participating.inspiration comes with experiences, new motivation comes from not wanting
to grow to be an old misrible shit like your more than likely to run into here on a daily basis.

Genre's are so misleading and such a way to pigeonhole bands. Without resorting to labels, how would you describe your music?

I say this to my mom. ''It kinda like the stones'' she goes ah.. ok? like she knows who the stones are.... I dunno..I suppose is ok to say The Vinyl Stitches make music to sleep to haha.

What's you musical intention? What are you trying to express or get your audience to feel?

I want people to feel good, to have a sweet time. To get laid!

In songwriting, how do you bring the song together? What do you look for in terms of complexity? Simplicity? Time changes?

I look to not over complicate things... when I hear that happening it usally means the meaning is slippin away.

The business of music is a brutal place. Changes in technology havemade it easier than ever for bands to get their music out, but harderthan ever to make a living? What are your plans to move the bandforward? How do you stay motivated in this brutal business?

Call their shit, Do it yourself. That is if you wanna do it right...

Come on, share with us a couple of your great, Spinal Tap, rock and roll moments?

Playing on Carnaby st. For the Andy Warhol foundation. A big show.Jean claw's amp smokes and starts to melt.  soon after my bass strings fall apart with no back ups... it was horrible.. to be put on top of a building with waiting people on the street (who were there for hours) and we're standing there shrugging going shitt... what now? HAD TO WALK AWAY WITH OUR TAILS BETWEEN OUR LEGS AND POCKETS FULL OF ANDY WARHOL MERCH..HAHA

What makes a great song?

to me it  a song that extracts real emotions out of my black heart.

Tell us about the first song you ever wrote?

um, well the first song I ever wrote was crap. I was all disconnected inside. I need my good friends with me to get something legible on paper.

What piece of your music are particularly proud of?

I like em all. I'm not able to say which one is better than the other.. it all means alot to me and us.

Any final comments or thoughts you'd like to share with our readers, the

We have 7' Singles , mp3's available and t shirts (designed by sambam) on our myspace.. all the proceeds go to our Lp.

Thanks for noticing.


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