Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ripple News - Five Exclusive Tracks from the Upcoming Orange Juice Box Set, Coals to Newcastle

Originally formed in Glasgow in 1976, Orange Juice were the recognized leaders of the Scottish neo-pop uprising in the early '80's. Originally dubbed the Nu-Sonics, the quartet renamed itself Orange Juice in 1979, adopting the new moniker as well as an aura of romantic innocence as a direct reaction to the increasingly macho aggression of punk. Releasing a dazzling array of new wave inspired pop, Orange Juice have been hailed as a huge inspiration by such bands as Franz Ferdinand and Belle and Sebastian, and have continued to gain legions of fan, both new and old.

Now all those fans, and us here at Ripple Central, have something to scream about.

Coming November 22nd, the release date has been set for the long anticipated for Orange Juice box set:  Coals to Newcastle.  In honor of this vey special release we're giving folks access to new and long lost songs, photos, and videos every week leading up to November 22nd. 

This week we'd like to share a sneak peak of five songs from Coals to Newcastle  for your listening pleasure. That's right 5 exclusive, Ripple tracks.  Dig in and enjoy to no end!

I know we are!

Buy here: Coals to Newcastle

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