Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nightstalker - Dead Rock Commandos


Drop your cock and grab your socks.  This one will make you move.

I got my Superfreak on a couple (three) years ago and have wondered from time to time what happened to Nightstalker.  Now I know.  The squad has accomplished its black-ops mission and returned with a new album - Dead Rock Commandos - this time on Small Stone Records.  Hell yes.  I'm all gung-ho to hear fresh tunes from the hardened rock veterans in Greece.

Better respect your superiors, soldier.  This four-piece has worked for years to earn the high rank of Major in underground rock's most elite special forces.  Commanding vocals and laser-guided riffs are deadlier than ever.  Their armory of beats and grooves has always been fully stocked with explosive ordinance.

Time to blow more shit up with this assault on the senses.

I feel the piercing sonic shrapnel from bombs like the title track and the opener, "Go Get Some".  These guys haven't lost their touch at all.  Oh, hell no.  If anything, now they're even more experienced and their skills are much more honed.  Nightstalker slay me on "Soma" and "One Million Broken Promises".  The troops take me prisoner with tracks like "The Boogie Man Plan", "Rockaine" and "The Underdog".

Others, such as "Back To Dirt" and "Children Of The Sun", are much more stealthy in nature, like a Navy Seal sneaking up through the sand and slitting your throat in your sleep.  It must have taken rigorous training to be in such fine form.  So lethal.

This record will help whip my ass into boot-camp shape with all the head-banging and jumping around while jamming a digital copy of this monster.  My neighbors must think I suffer from uncontrollable spasms.  I do - but it's not PTSD.  They're just side-effects from heavy doses of rawk and will wear off eventually, along with the ringing in my ears.

Dead Rock Commandos should report for active duty on Aug. 28th.  The digital version is already on iTunes...go get some.

Meanwhile, I'm almost battle-ready and hoping for camouflage vinyl.


--- Heddbuzz

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