Monday, October 27, 2008

Girls Aloud - Out Of Control, some post-review notes..

So I listened to the album today while I was out of the house and I've noticed some things that I didn't when I wrote my review. Here are some notes and random thoughts about the album.
  • The verses of Love Is Pain are amazing! I'm slowly getting hooked to the whole song. The chorus right now is OK, but since the verses are amazing, I might grow to adore the song!
  • The album reminds me a bit of What Will The Neighbors Say? for some strange reason. I can't quite point out what makes it sound like WWTNS but it does remind me a lot of it.
  • The songs all take a few listens to set in, but when they finally do, they just outright blow your mind.
  • The amazingness(is that even a word?) of The Loving Kind was there during the first few listens but now, it's probably the most brilliant song they've done.
  • Untouchable is proving to be one of the stronger songs(out of the strong ones...) on the album, it's unmistakably Girls Aloud.
Check out the full review here.

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