Saturday, November 7, 2009

Here begins a new chapter of my blogging life..

OK, NO I'm not closing PRN down. What gave you that idea? Oh, right - the title. ANYWAY.

Just yesterday I applied for a writing position at omgkpop, one of the really popular kpop sites (.com domain - it's big!), and today I got told that they liked PRN (yay!) and that I would be a 'trial' writer for a week. I've gotten pretty warm responses, the other writers liked my writing and things have been going well - so far. This means that one, I'll now be writing for two different blogs and two, I'll have to do a pretty good job of juggling them. It doesn't mean I won't blog as much as I do though.

Now you might be asking, why the crap did I apply for that when I have PRN? Because I'm gonna be up for this big award in the near future and it's asking for a lot of affiliations, lots of extracurricular activities. I have the family choir and I'm gonna be the oldest member in a few weeks and I have my clubs but I need more. If I run my own blog in my own little world with a circle of blogger friends and no 'official' thing, that doesn't count as much as if I write for a big site. PRN is one, my listing/'news editor position' on Babelpop is one more and my Philippine Blog Awards thing is another, but to go against these seniors from other schools when I'm just a junior I need an extremely impressive track record. Writing for this major site will give me another affiliation AND boost my chances of actually winning and you guys know how much I want to win something big for once in my life.

PRN will still be my focus - but maybe while I'm still new on the site I'm gonna put a lot of my effort into making a good impression on the other editors. The stuff I'll be writing there will be a lot less opinionated, mainly because it's a news site and I don't want to come off as snobby and arrogant when I just started this. By December when school pretty much stops being the biggest pain ever, things will go back to normal. For now, expect around 1 - 2 reviews a week + the top 20 on Mondays at the very least.

So there. Just to let you guys know why there's a link to 'omgkpop' on the nav bar. Hahah. Also, my first post on the site is up!!!!

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