Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm furious.

Need to rant. Of course I can't do that over at the kpop site because people are gonna clobber me.

FOR CRAP'S SAKE WHAT IN THE WORLD IS SM DOING?!?!? I wanna cry now - I cannot believe people can be this STUPID AND DISRESPECTFUL.

A few days ago it was announced that the 3 DBSK members involved in the lawsuit would be attending this year's Mnet Asian Music Awards that would be one of the biggest events of the year. The problem was that SM, their talent company, was boycotting those awards - none of their acts could go. But the 3 would be there, as an open defiance of SM.

Then just yesterday I think (was it yesterday or Friday? whatever.), someone from SM said that the MAMAs were part of the 'solo activities' of the three and that they would not be attending as DBSK nor performing. Their contracts with SM didn't extend to what they did outside of DBSK so them going to the MAMAs were OK, contractually.

So the 3 were there at the awards, they accepted something like Best Asian Artist and Jaejoong was almost crying when he mentioned the other 2 members - all was good and well last night. THEN when I woke up this morning and was reading over the news, SM said this:

"The trio had no right to receive the award on behalf of TVXQ. The awards organizer should give the award to a liason on behalf of SM Entertainment instead. This is unacceptable since they had only invited the 3 members."

EXCUSE ME. Those three are members of DBSK, no matter what you say about them attending as individuals and not a group, what do you expect them to do when their name gets called and they win an award, just sit there and clap? REALLY. SM doesn't control them, THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO. They're a part of a band that makes music, if they win something THEY'RE the ones that deserve it, NOT WHATEVER STUPID TALENT COMPANY THAT CONTROLS THEM. It's their award, they should accept it if they're there and celebrate but NOOOOOOOOO, SM keeps on being stupid.

I don't care what SM says about them "making DBSK" or them being responsible for their success. Yeah sure maybe they promoted them like crazy, gave them vocal coaches and choreographers BUT WHO WERE THE ONES WITH THE ACTUAL TALENT? These people just NEVER have any respect for anything. Lee Soo Man is a frustrated pop star, you think he knows what it's like to be in the limelight as much as DBSK do? I highly doubt it.

The three were crying backstage (Jaejoong looked like he was about to burst out crying when he gave his speech) but what made me even more furious was the next thing I found out. The three were supposedly attending as part of their individual activities but apparently when they were crying backstage, THEY HAD NO STAFF. No one managed what they were doing, where they were going and they could only leave the venue once fans had cleared the way. SM, I know you hate their guts but don't you want them alive to torture them? You're not supposed to but what can I do if you're stupid. So anyway, what if fans clobber them and something happens to them, huh? WHAT THE CRAP ARE YOU GOING TO DO?

Things WON'T be OK, I can't just keep on thinking that everything will go back to normal after some time because with what's happening right now (this MAMA thing is just a fraction of the entire issue), it won't. Sure they might go on with the music but the thing I hate the most about this industry is the fact that once the business side of things goes down the drain, so does the music. STUPID PEOPLE.

DBSK will split up, yes, EVERYONE DOES but I can't let them split up over some stupid lawsuit or business - THEY HAVE TO SPLIT UP WITH A LITTLE DIGNITY.

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