Friday, July 30, 2010

[July 30, 2010] KBS Music Bank Highlights + Commentary

*pops confetti* YAY! It was between SHINee and Miss A, so I think you can guess who won by my reaction. Not that many performances, but that's 'coz Se7en didn't show up and I've stopped writing about Narsha. G.NA performed with yet another "special" guest, and Teen Top + Infinite had this collaboration. Which I didn't include, sorry.

Video credit to UnknownCarrot150. Brilliance.

G.NA - I'll Back Off So You Can Live (review)
I'm serious, she looks so uncomfortable on stage. I mean, you can be a good performer and not really move around, but her movements look so strained and contrived. Her vocals aren't as good as they should be, but they're better off than a lot of others, so I shouldn't be complaining. And Thunder just sucked today - no question.

Teen Top - Clap
If Teen Top didn't make me wonder what the other guy's vocals sound like and if they weren't synchronized like hell, I'm pretty sure I'd be bored to death by now. Tight performance, for rookie standards, and actually, pretty decent vocals from the guys who actually sing. Not bad, not bad at all - they just don't captivate me or anything.

Miss A - Bad Girl Good Girl
It's been what, almost a month since they started promo, and I'm still not sick of seeing them perform. I've never really liked the song as a recording and I would never really listen to it willingly on my iPod or anything, but they have the ability to make me shut up, watch the performances and somewhat be impressed with them. The breathlessness has improved A LOT, so I expect them to sound flawless by the time they start promoting their second single!

Infinite - Come Back Again
It's not the band who carry the performance, it's the instrumental. Seriously! It's like the roles were reversed. The instrumental is spunky and has character, and then these guys are singing to it and they sound horrid. I do hope, for the sake of the money their agency put into them at the very least, that their second single makes them sound much better than they do right now.

MBLAQ - One Better Day
To a certain extent they do sing this better than Y, and they've improved since their debut, but do we have to go through this sermon week in and week out? I don't think they've heard me (metaphorically, at least) - they're too pre-occupied with looking good on stage to care about singing, and they don't deserve to be singers if that's all they wanna do. Please, at least give me something worth my time.

Son Dambi - Queen
Well, I like the piano loop? LOL. Her vocals have gotten probably as strong as they can get, given her vocal ability, so I think I should be content with the state she's in right now. Still not as big a fan of the song as I was before I saw any of her live performances, but the slightly better vocals have helped a bit. Even then, the only part of the song that's really any good is the chorus - it's nice and cheery and explosive and all. And I gotta hand it to her, she kinda pulls it off well.

SHINee - Lucifer (review) (WINNER)
*dances around room* WOOHOO! SHINee won today! *pops confetti* Now, this was truly a deserving win. You put gorgeous voices and fantastic performers together with a good sound system and you have magic. I love it. Right now, my only problem is Jonghyun - he's trying to jump through hoops and fire, but it doesn't always work. I mean yeah, when it does work he sounds good and it's not sloppy, but when it doesn't work, it just doesn't work. He either needs to learn to control himself, or be more consistent - either will solve the problem. But otherwise, fantastic performance - I got goosebumps again!

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