Sunday, August 5, 2012

February 5th - Let Me Show You What It Means To Be Reborn

What does it mean to be reborn? That is the question posed to the listener on February 5th’s album Let Me Show You What It Means To Be Reborn.  With a frenetic delivery that at times bares a punk rock attitude, and at other times follows a more streamlined and easy going approach similar to The Cure, often in the same song, Reborn is an album that calls out to the rebellious nature within each of us and drives us to question what it is that drives us, and whether or not we do in fact need a revolution of the soul to kick us into the next level of our lives.

"Opener Box" (1 Enter the Spirit, 2 The Vision, 3 Leaving the Human) certainly kicks things off looking for a homerun, and succeeding. At 12 minutes in length, this is a statement song that delivers an immediate wakeup call with driving riffs punctuated by a vocal delivery that deftly blends pleading wails with a more aggressive growl tinged lower range. Emotion just permeates the atmosphere, and the line “I still remember that day, back in 2005” will stay with you long after the album ends simply because of the emotional weight behind it. "Song of the Deadlife Poetic" tones things down a bit, possessing a playful attitude.

"Wednesday at 5:30 PM" on the other hand is just shear insanity, with frantic riffs topped by an even more wild vocal performance that waivers between sane and insane with equal share. This pattern holds fairly true up until the final two tracks, with "The House We Built" being a calm and pleasing track. "Closer What It Means to Be Reborn" is just behind the opener in terms of quality, being my second favorite song. “A front row seat to watch my phoenix rise” is yet another example of just quality lyric writing that fills the album, and the song brings things to a satisfying conclusion.

Let Me Show You What It Means To Be Reborn is an album full of energy and life, one that will open you up to introspective questions of where you are at in your own life, and where you could be by if you chose by giving you a glimpse into the artists own personal journey. It is self-expression of the highest order through music, and an excellent piece of art.

--Audio Renaissance

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