Sunday, August 5, 2012

Samothrace - Reverence to Stone

Samothrace have regrouped from their last release in 2008 to cultivate a crushing two song release…
Yes, two = 2 tracks that are very impressive from start to finish.

 The track When We Emerged, is a 14+ minute re-do from demo sessions of the band’s 2007 recordings, given a new view and released here for listeners to enjoy.

 A Horse of Our Own is a 20 romp that displays some of the band’s more recent effort.

 The playing on this is very well done and it does bring the Pacific North West squarely into view with some of the flowing tempos.

 There are elements of this that fans of Neurosis, YOB and Pallbearer will enjoy. I think that if you like just putting on a release, hitting “play” and listening, you will be very happy to have this in your collection.

Samothrace will be hitting the road for live shows, stating in August, so do yourself a favor and look for them on a show flyer to see when they will be in your town. Buy some merch and tell them what you thought of the show.


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