Tuesday, December 4, 2012

[#43] B1A4 - "Baby I'm Sorry"

From: "Ignition"
Format: Full-Length Album
Released: March
Territory: South Korea
Previous Best of Appearances: First Appearance

I actually liked B1A4 when they debuted, more than some of the other groups they came with, because I genuinely thought "OK" was an okay song, and they carried it well on stage. But then something went wrong after, and "Beautiful Target" was nowhere near beautiful, or even okay. You can imagine my relief when I heard "Baby I'm Sorry".

I know some people who don't really like "Baby I'm Sorry", and I understand. It's a very manic song, heightened by the almost-rough delivery, but what I like is that they stuck to their guns and didn't shy away from the intensity. It's very easy to just laze around and let the song take over for three and a half minutes, but they didn't.

But I like it, I like the fact that it seems like there are a million things running around all over the place, and I like the fact that when I take a step back to listen to the song as a whole, I still hear one, solid package. I like the explosions at the chorus, because they give the song this slightly epic illusion, and I can imagine how it translates great on stage. And I love the rest of the arrangement too, especially how they pulled off the transition between the middle 8 and the last chorus.

This song is also ridiculously catchy, and catchy in my favorite way -- the melodic kind. It's a simple melody, and despite the slightly higher notes in the first half of the chorus, the hook proper ("every night, every night, you") is easy enough for anyone to sing along to. The melody is also gorgeous, and I actually like the auto tuning -- it kind of smooths out the wild backdrop it's set against.

"Baby I'm Sorry" is very performance-ready, it's something you'd imagine a stage performance to, even if you're just listening to it. But I like that even then, they still took time to make it a genuinely good song that works both on stage, and off stage.

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