Sunday, October 4, 2009


Yes, I've FINALLY found something to do for the new special.

Due to a suggestion by rcLoy on my commentary of DBSK's vocals that I should do more of these, I got hit by a semi-brilliant idea.

Once or twice a week I'll whip up a long, dragging commentary on a pop bands' vocals and what I think of them. Sounds interesting? YAY! hahah.

The bands must be active and have had an album/single/any new material released at most a year and a half back. They also must have at least 3 members - if I post about duos the commentary might be too short!

So far here're the bands that I think I can manage to talk about with little research - if you have any suggestions they're very much welcome! This post will serve as the masterlist for all the posts in the special, it'll be updated every time I post something new. OK? Hahah.

SNSD/Girls' Generation
(split into 2 parts, 9 members!)
Super Junior
(split into 2 - 3 parts, 13 MEMBERS!)
The Saturdays
(3.0 or 4.0? Maybe I can do both)
Girls Aloud

more to come..

And here are the bands I'm not so sure about/ have to do more research on:

Big Bang - Because 2 of them are mainly rappers and I don't really know how to comment on rap. Maybe I should learn. Hahah.
2PM - Can't put all the faces to the voices yet. I can for a few members but not for everyone.
f(x) - I have to hear Victoria sing a part without any backing before I can comment! But this is highly possible.
SS501 - Not enough solo stuff floating around..
CSJH/The Grace - Not that into their back catalogue yet..
One Call OR Varsity Fanclub OR V Factory - Don't know their names and can't put the names to the faces yet!

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