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SNSD's Vocal Prowess: The Good, the Bad and the Ones Who Lack Something.

12/18/2011: I am temporarily disabling comments on this post until I put up a re-written, version 2 of this vocal commentary. You may share your thoughts once I post Version 2, hopefully by January 2012. Thank you.

After the intro I gave yesterday, here're my actual comments on the girls! Read on:

The bad:

Whatever this girl tries to do, she will forever be the worse voice in the band. Like Yunho is in DBSK, Hyoyeon is SNSD's resident dancer - she gets all the dance breaks and is sent to all these dance battle extravaganzas. She's also a bad singer. If all you hear is Hyoyeon and not the better voices in the band I wouldn't be surprised if you said they sucked because frankly, I think the only reason why this girl is in the band is because they need someone to send to the dance battles. That's it. Actually, the more I think about it the more Hyoyeon's voice is like a female, crappy-er version of U-Know Yunho (see the DBSK commentary for what I think of his voice). The only difference is that there's nothing wrong with her throat and Yunho sounds pretty OK when he hits the certain notes in higher octaves he can actually hit.

I know a lot of people will kill me for this but it's my opinion so live with it. I don't like Jessica's voice, I'm sorry. It's annoying as hell - whine-y and tries desperately to hit high notes she clearly can't do, she needs Taeyeon as backup. Actually, she does sound like an annoying version of Taeyeon.

BUT, she sounds the same recorded and live so you gotta hand it to her.

Yoona isn't a BAD singer, but she's not as good as the 'nothing special' people. She was actually pretty good during their early days but I don't know what in the world happened because now she doesn't sound like she was before. At the moment it's like she's singing like she's talking, in the bad way.

Nothing Special/Good but lack something:

Sunny has a nice voice recorded and at certain octaves but never, ever, EVER let her sing a ballad with high notes - her voice gets annoying and shrill and she can't do it. Even when she does uptempos live it doesn't sound like the recorded version - the girl can't sing live either. BUT, her recorded voice is nice so all you need are a few studio tricks and you're good to go. Below is a performance she did with (brilliant) Jaejoong DBSK and while Jaejoong was doing great as usual, Sunny was kinda hurting my eardrums.

Yuri's voice actually has a nice timbre and it's smooth but it tends to get a little too thin and airy at times. If you use Girls' Generation (the single) as a basis she wasn't very good but over the years she's gotten better!

Sooyoung's also got a very nice timbre to her voice but she needs more power live - and she has to learn how to breath properly. Excessive breathing annoys the heck out of me and really, it shows you don't know how to sing. That's pretty much it with her - she's got the potential.

Pretty darn good:

Seohyun has a nice voice, she really does but she hardly got any solid singing parts in Genie and Etude is too cutesy to be judged. Her voice is nothing like Tiffany of Taeyeon's but it's competent and it's better than the rest of them. Below is her duet with Tiffany and although her English isn't THAT good and the sound system really sucks, her vocals aren't bad.

Taeyeon deserves to be the leader based on vocal abilities alone - this girl can sing her head off. She's like Jessica if she wasn't so damn annoying but Taeyeon can hit high notes nicely with little effort, really. OK there are times when the girls' a bit off but really, who can contest her vocals in THIS performance? I never knew she had that in her when she sang "left behind.."

Although Taeyeon has a gorgeous voice, my personal favorite in SNSD would have to be Tiffany. Beautiful timbre and she hits those high notes like they're nothing - she's pretty much a package deal. Not much to say anymore, really. Watch:

Phew, that was LONG. Don't forget to vote on the poll on who YOU think has the best voice in the band!

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