Sunday, October 25, 2009

Top 20

I've got final exams starting tomorrow until Wednesday so I'll be MIA 'till then. After though, expect my reviews of The Saturdays' Workshaker (REALLY late, I know), Cheryl Cole's '3 Words', Beast's mini-album and possibly Alexandra Burke's 'Overcome'. ANYWAY.

This week was a bit boring for me - nothing new and ground-breaking came out. Westlife's What About Now sucks (if I review it I think I'll just get even more annoyed so I'll wait for the album release), Cheryl Cole's album is boring and the SS501 release isn't as good as I thought it would be.

SNSD are #1 - mainly because Genie is still insanely good months after it's release. Also, Beast's debut single makes a big splash on my chart this week at #4. MBLAQ sucks so I'm putting my bets behind Beast - at least the song has a melody. My only problem would be the dance break but I'll save that for the actual review (if I ever get around to writing one.). ANYWAY, here's the rest of my chart:

20. f(x) - Lachata
19. DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki - Whatever They Say (NE)
18. The Saturdays - Ego
17. JLS - Everybody In Love
16. Hwayobi and Sleepy from Untouchable - Kiss Kiss Kiss
15. Amy Pearson - Butterfingers
14. f(x) - Chocolate Love
13. DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki (Jaejoong and Yoochun) - COLORS~Melody and Harmony~
12. SHINee - A.MI.GO.
11. DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki - Rising Sun
10. BEAST/B2ST - Oasis
9. Cheryl Cole - Parachute (NE)
8. Alexandra Burke - Bad Boys with Flo-Rida (NE)
7. DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki - Love In The Ice
6. DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki - Survivor
5. The Saturdays - Open Up
4. BEAST - Bad Girl (NE, vid)
3. SHINee - Ring Ding Dong
2. Super Junior - It's You
1. Girls' Generation/SNSD - Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) (4 non-consecutive weeks)

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