Sunday, March 28, 2010

Get ready for some major fangirling

This article is NOT professional in ANY WAY, except for the last 2-3 paragraphs. It's essentially just me gushing over a DBSK performance. So, if you like seeing me freak out, be my guest, but if you just get annoyed, don't bother.

OK, before I start talking like an airhead (which I do when I spazz), this performance of DBSK's O Jung.Ban.Hap. was in Japan (therefore it's Sei.Han.Go) as a part of their Tokyo Dome concert last year. I will now begin fangirling in 5... 4... 3... 2...

... 1


I liked O to start with, I really did, but my copy of the entire TSC Tokyo Dome is the TBS broadcast, which, BECAUSE OF SOME STUPID EDITOR, did not include this performance of the said song. I'd seen the TSC Tokyo Dome stuff from the DVD on YT, but I kinda overlooked O since it was the Japanese version and I liked the Korean one, but ZOMG I WAS SO WRONG.

First, the song was sang live. YESSSS. Second, the middle 8 Jaejoong and Junsu did was BRILLIANT BEYOND BELIEF and third, DAMN DID YOU HEAR THAT ARRANGEMENT?!?!?!?!?!??!?! I was screaming my head off when I heard it and my parents were looking at me like o.O - I don't usually do that.

When the song was starting and Yunho was doing his dance solo I was like "Ok, the same standard dance beat," but then the live band came in and I was like DAMN ARE MY EARS FAILING ME OR IS THIS RE-ARRANGEMENT JUST SO FREAKING BRILLIANT?!? So throughout the song my jaw was wide open but then this arrangement just HAD to almost give me a heart attack again with the dance break. OH MY GOD THAT DANCE BREAK IS THE BEST DANCE BREAK I'VE HEARD IN AGES. Did you hear that drum part?!?!? *faints*

And then the middle 8. My favorite middle 8 of all middle 8s ever created in this world to make me fall to my feet. OH MY GOD JAEJOONG. OH MY GOD JUNSU. YOU TWO ARE GOING TO KILL ME BEFORE I EVER SEE YOU LIVE IF YOU KEEP IT UP. SO KEEP IT UP.

That dance break. Oh dear God that dance break. ZOMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. None of that fake drum crap, this is the real thing. I LIVE FOR THE REAL THING.


You know, this is what I never, EVER get in Korea - you don't have this level of creativity when it comes to Korean concerts, everyone just uses the studio version. I mean yeah, sure the studio version is great and it gives the audience the single they bought/constantly hear on TV and the radio so they're familiar with the songs, but the point of a live performance is to give the audience something they CAN'T hear on the record. Live performances are when performers are supposed to show what the crap they're made of and how creative they are - they're when these acts are supposed to let loose and literally 'give all they've got'. If all you're giving them are the stuff on the record, exactly as is, they're better off buying the record for a heck of a lot less and staying at home to listen to it, after all, what's the difference?

Live music is live music no matter how you look at it - people spend that much time and effort to make it and it costs that much for a damn good reason. If Korea can't give that to me, then I'm afraid I'll have to side with Japan on this one.

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