Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Sunday Conversation with End Times

Recently I had the chance to have a Q and A session with the drummer of Dallas, TX Hardcore band END TIMES, Chad Green. Enjoy!

Cicatriz: Introduce yourself to the Waveriders.

Chad Green: My names Chad Green, and I play Drums for END TIMES. Josh Green is our Vocalist. Our Guitarists are Cody Faulkner, and Daniel Schmuck, and Rob Glynn on Bass.

Cicatriz: Describe your band, END TIMES.

Chad Green: END TIMES is a metal influenced hardcore band that was started in late 2007, by myself, our friend Mike, and our guitarist Cody. After a lot of material scratching, member changes, and shows, the 2011 Demo was born to destroy. Despite the countless set backs, and all the frustration we have kept it together. END TIMES is about the end of something old, and the beginning of something new. We play Fast, and Heavy music, so come to a show and get wild.

Cicatriz: Who and what influences you and the band?

Chad Green: Our love for the music most of all. We draw influence from a wide variety of fast, and heavy genres of music. We try do our part to carry the torch, and keep the music going. At the same time we try not to bind ourselves to a specific sound, but yet keep to the roots the best we can. Aside from that, our ideas, and anger towards ourselves, and the world, all the way to that individual at your job you just can't escape from, who everyday you wish you could just erase. We just want to make it work, and put something out there that someone can relate to, and enjoy!

Cicatriz: Describe the recording process of your latest Demo, Demo 2011. Which was recently featured in October's Cicatriz' Six Pack.

Chad Green: Well, the recording process was a long one, but thanks to the patience Daniel Schmuck had we were able to push through, and get it done. We were still in the process of finding full time members while recording the Demo. Cody, and I had the instruments written and ready, but we still had to work on the vocals. Once in full time Josh, and I wrote all of the lyrics, and patterns, worked on tightening them up, and recorded those shorty after the rest of the instruments. We are currently working on our new material. We are happy with our new line up, and the direction in which are headed. We're excited to see whats next!

Cicatriz: Give me your opinon of the current state of music in DFW, more importantly the state of Hardcore.

Chad Green: Things are going very well! We are lucky to have so many great bands in our local city, and state! There are new faces at every show, and what many have worked so hard to keep going for so long in the past is really flourishing. Everyone has their opinion on hardcore and how its going. We all know things are at a constant change, some changes we like, others we don't. The state of hardcore is far from dead that's for sure. No matter what style you want to listen to, or play of it, as long as you do your part to believe in it, and live it then the state of hardcore will always be alive, and well. Whats just a short fad, or phase for one, is a way of life, and a reality for another. Just keep showing up to shows, being supportive, do your part, welcome the new faces, and things will only get better!

Cicatriz: Any last words for the Waveriders?

Chad Green: Lets keep this going, look out for the bands coming out of texas, DEGENERATE, MODERN PAIN, TRUTH, REAL TALK, HUMANERROR, POWER TRIP, ONE AGAINST MANY, CUTTING LOSSES, CAST AWAY, ALTERED MINDS!


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