Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shovel's Unearthed Treasures - free music for your ears

Five more bands that you should take note of.

Traitors return to earth - Columbus, Ohio's purveyors of downtuned sludge assault. Running the full gamut of classic heft: Name your price @

Fire Spoken By The Buffalo - If you like Russian Circles, Pelican, Explosions In The Sky then this will be right up your street. Name your price @

Dodaren - Genius Swedes who dig Soundgarden. Free download @

Switchblade Jesus - Sounding like a heavier,more pissed off version of fellow Texans Wo Fat. Fuzzing huge. Free download @ :

Judd Madden - Instrumental stoner doom riffing of considerable quality. Free Download @

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