Friday, November 18, 2011

Fen Head Back to the Studio to Record the Follow-up to their Massively Successful Ripple Debut, "Trails Out of Gloom"

Heavy Planet hailed "Trails Out of Gloom" as one of the "best albums of 2010."  Infernal Masquerade proclaimed "Trails" to be one of the "Top 10 Albums of the Year!"  Imagine Echoes and Prognaut both raved that "Trails" was on their "Best of" year's end list, and Progressions Magazine gave "Trails" a perfect 16 out of 16 score, gushing that "Trails was "consistently enchanting from start to finish" and called it "Fantastic in every way" as they proceeded to give it their "highest possible rating!"

So what does a band do for an encore after accolades like that? For Fen, the answer will be given soon as the band has just announced that they're honing a new batch of songs for a trip back to the recording studio in December. Tour dates are sure to follow.

While no one knows what to expect from the fertile minds of the Fen maestros, one thing we do know is to expect the unexpected.  Doug Harrison has said that the next album will be darker and heavier than "Trails," not simply a retreading of old sounds. Fen are eager to expand. Explore. The anticipation builds.

In other Fen news, plans are underway for a deluxe vinyl edition of "Trails Out of Gloom," intended to be released coinciding with the band's summer tour dates.  As a special bonus, songs from Fen's previous, self-released album "Congenital Fixation" is being prepared for inclusion as a special bonus digital download with the album.  Two great Fen albums for the price of one!

In the meantime, the "Trails Out of Gloom" CD is still available in limited quantities from the Ripple Music store  Be sure to get yours before supplies run out.

And if you missed the video for Fen’s latest single, “Miracle”, check it out:

"Consistently enchanting from start to finish, Trails out of Gloom is one of the more rapturous releases you're likely to encounter in quite some time.  It is fantastic in every way.  Highest possible rating, 16/16." -- Progressions Magazine

"Trails Out of the Gloom is reminiscent of 70s progressive rock with a modern prog rock kick. Trails Out of the Gloom isn't as "spacey" as Pink Floyd sometimes get. But, like Gilmour's work, the solos simply soar and the guitars are truly beautiful and epic. It's heavy, in the way that a lot of progressive rock is heavy (like Porcupine Tree) but that has more to do with atmosphere than with amplifiers. Most of this CD is acoustic guitar and lighter rock'n'roll ... and yet the CD often sounds dark. It's a fascinating combination."  -- Rough Edge

“This CD will impact you immediately, but the true brilliance of Trails Out of Gloom comes from further absorption. This is a stellar release. "-- Sea of Tranquility

Also available at CDBaby,, Ebay, and All That Is

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