Saturday, August 29, 2009

An introduction to Philippine Pop Music - Sugarfree

By suggestion, I'm gonna start featuring some Filipino artists from time to time.

Music by the Philippine industry is called OPM - these are ORIGINAL songs written by Filipinos for the Filipino market. The genre spans bands and solo artists though I've seen only one vocal group (and they're pretty old - Apo). Songs are written in either Filipino or English but I personally prefer Filipino 'coz I find it strange when I hear English songs.

I honestly don't like about 95% of the stuff that comes out but the other 5% is either good or brilliant. This is one of the near-brilliant.

I first came to know of Sugarfree's existence in 6th grade (2006, I believe) when my dad began working with them as the producer for their third album. I'm not biased in any way but I honestly think that third album had some of the most brilliant songs. See exhibit A, the final single from the album (translated the title is Don't Cry [anymore]):
I saw them live last night for their final major concert in a while. I know it's not like me to say it but I loved every, single song - even the ones I didn't like from the records. Last night gave me some spark of hope that the Philippine industry isn't all going down the drain - for me, at least.

Sugarfree may never achieve the fame and popularity that some really annoying and crappy bands (*AHEM* Hale *AHEM) have but I'm absolutely sure that they've carved their own niche in the industry. Singing silly love songs for ten years isn't an easy task, mind you.

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