Saturday, August 8, 2009

I did not have fun today.

So all over the internet, news about the Saturdays visiting my home country were circulating. Ken reported it first (as far as I know..) and soon people followed suit. I wanted to go so badly - The Sats are and forever will be one of the best UK girl groups we've heard. I was depressed yesterday because one, I was so tired and two, I couldn't go see The Saturdays. I woke up this morning, told my parents that the girls would be in Megamall (one of the gigantic malls here..) and planned to go. I checked the time on multiple websites - SIX IN THE EVENING. So OK, I'd leave the house at 4 and get there 4:30, walk around, get some Starbucks, relax and go watch my favorite (active) girl group perform brilliant pop songs.

So I left the house at 4, right on time. Me, being a time-freak who always gets there 30 minutes to an hour early for everything.

Lo and behold, when I got into the mall at exactly 4:30...


All that was left was the autograph signing. So just to make my trip worth it, I bought an album I already have, almost cried in front of Mollie and didn't get to enjoy dinner and going around the mall.

Frankie wasn't there. I completely forgot to ask why because I was so pre-occupied with the fact that I MAY NEVER BE ABLE TO SEE THE SATURDAYS LIVE EVER AGAIN. NEVERR.

MCA Universal, the next time you bring someone here who isn't Lady GaGa or Rihanna or someone who makes crappy, boring, annoying and worthless music - PLEASE GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT. I was there 1 1/2 hours early for the time YOU TOLD ME and I was STILL late. WHAT KIND OF RECORD COMPANY DOES THAT? Then you made me PAY to get their autographs and talk to them and actually make my trip somehow 'worth it'? HOW MONEY-HUNGRY ARE YOU?

I'm not angry at the girls - they were lovely, my opinion on them hasn't changed. I told Mollie about the fact that I was late because Polydor gave me the wrong time, told Vanessa about the fact that I'm a music blogger and I wanted to give them a good concert review and they were sympathetic - considering that they knew nothing about me and had never met me before that 1 minute encounter.

4/5 of The Sats signed my second copy of Chasing Lights and 3/5 of them signed the crappy 'free' poster of an old promo pic that was released months ago that I got.

I'm furious at MCA. I dragged my parents to a gigantic mall only to get autographs? I know people kill for them but I'd rather see the girls sing live than get their signatures on an album jacket. I love music - seeing them live would tell me whether my adoration for them is worth it.

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