Monday, August 10, 2009

DBSK - Purple Line

It's been a while since I've 'formally' reviewed something Korean, hasn't it?

No matter how much I try to hide it, the only DBSK/TVQX/Tohoshinki song I actually really, really liked before was Mirotic - not enough for me to fall at their feet. For the longest time I ignored the band and although I knew they're probably SM's biggest international earners, I hadn't found a song that moved me. While I was looking through my friend's iPod (she's a j-pop person, go figure.) I was really, really surprised to see Tohoshinki. I got curious, thankfully and heard Purple Line.

I've heard things about how this song was written by Sooman (In my language if you change the 'oo' into a 'u' that's a tube-like thing made of sweet, sticky rice and coconuts. hahah. He's 'master' SM, tell me if I got that wrong) but went to number one in Japan. Cool.

The title alone will get you interested - what the crap does a 'purple line' have to do with anything? It's intriguing but the song is far from unusual.

Purple Line is pretty much centered around the strong backbeat - it dominates everything. The feel of this song is 'intense' and 'heavy' but it's not like Mirotic, it's a lot edgier. The verses are strong but not over the top, the chorus is catchy and has the required random English words (can't really understand Korean that well - something about really wanting something. Dunno.) so all in all it's worth your time.

As someone who doesn't know the politics/reasons behind the member selection and who can't even put the members' names to their faces, may I say one thing? Yunho isn't a very good singer if you put him beside Junsu or Yoochun and the other 3. Yeah, the guy isn't THAT bad but his voice is so nasal - I heard it here and on Wrong Number. I guess it really IS dance or rot and die in Korea - everyone's saying Yunho's the best dancer. Can't judge though - don't know a thing about dancing.


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