Wednesday, August 26, 2009


OK, so if you follow me on Twitter and have seen the (very few) tweets I've written these past few days, you'll know that I haven't been in a very good mood. I haven't been writing or listening to new music or whatever and it's really getting into my head.

I don't really have to tell you why I want a short break from blogging but it'll help me get some stuff off my chest so why not.

We have this ethnic dance/song contest coming up NEXT WEEK and we were only told about its' existence last friday. Our adviser has never had a class lose any competitions so there's no excuse not to win. The only problem is, there's only about 6 of us doing the music and the people designated for the dancing aren't making an progress. I and my friends have been working our butts off, frantically trying to transport two large sets of Philippine gongs (kulintangs that only fit in Pajeros.) from my house to school while learning everything and cleaning up the performances. I've hardly had any sleep since Saturday thinking of what the crap I'm going to do.

That's the first reason - I've hardly had any sleep at all and I'm buried in academic and extra-curricular work.

Then there's the fact that I don't think I won that literary award that literally means my future to me. I haven't gotten a notification letter and the awarding ceremony is on September 1. I know I shouldn't let it affect me because it's 'just an award' and I can try again next year but it's easier said than done. I frankly don't want to think about my future right now because I don't think it's very bright and I don't think people see me as a very good writer.

So there. No blogging from me for a certain period of time - not sure. Just wish me luck trying to figure out what the crap I'm gonna do in the next few days.

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