Sunday, May 29, 2011

Off! - First Four Eps

 So today while going through the Ripple website I noticed that one of my favorite albums from last year was not reviewed.  “What no one wrote about Off!s First Four Eps album???“ After the shock wore Off! (pun intended), I decided I should write a little something about a big yet short album. Clocking in at under a mere 18 minutes, the 16 track collection of Eps makes you yearn for more.

There was always a question I asked myself. Though I do love Henry Rollins, I always wondered what would Black Flag of sounded like had Keith Morris never left the band?. Off! is the answer. Beginning with the first “Black Thoughts” you realize that Keith truly can’t be stopped. At the age of 55 it seems he never will. “Black Thoughts” sounds like a song Greg Gin would of wrote right after Nervous Breakdown had Keith never left Black Flag, one minute of in your face blistering punk rock furry with catchy lyrics.

Some other songs of note on the album are “Fuck People”, “Rat Trap” and “Darkness”. Although the entire album is a great listen for those who are ADD about music, love old school punk rock or just music in general.  “Fuck People” is by fair my favorite track on the album. Mostly cause I can feel the same way about today’s society.

If you are a fan of old school hardcore punk, this album is for you. If you are ADD about your music or you need a quick punk rock fix, this album is for you. If you are a fan of Black Flag or The Circle Jerks, this album is for you. Bottom line, Off!s First Four Eps is for you.  Check it out.

Here is a tip: there are many ways to get this album such as an itunes digital download, a digital download from the official Off! Website or the vinyl box set. I recommend getting the box set since it comes with a free digital download…money well spent. 


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