Saturday, May 28, 2011


Since becoming a part of the Ripple Clan I have been given twenty six (give or take one or two) artists to listen to and I have only reviewed eight (this is the ninth). No, it isn't slack of me, the others just didn't click. Priory didn't click with me either. It snapped. So loudly my hermit crab hid in its shell. So loudly that there was a noise complaint put in by the neighbours. So loudly the stray cat that insists on sleeping on my car and getting it's foot prints everywhere didn't show up for a week. So loudly... Well, you get the picture.

This is Priory's debut full length release and it is self titled earlier they released an EP titled Cold Hands. They describe themselves as indie-pop/electronic-folk and are based in Oregon. They consist of four members- Brandon Johnson (vocals, bass) Kyle Deiker (acoustic guitar, keys, bells, falsetto), Rich Preinesberger (drums) and Greg Harpel (lead guitae, bells, keys) Priory is released in June this year.

The songs on the album are catchy, electronic, acoustic, brilliantly written and sung perfectly. It is important to note that despite their catchy, pop appearance some of the songs tackle some quite dark subjects.

“Worthy Dreams” is the first song on the album and it is mirrored with the last song. “smearD yhtroW” is the reverse of the first and it is an interesting way to tie things off. It sounds quite electric and is a happy, cheery way to start us off.

It is then followed with the clean, acoustic “Kings of Troy” being about a man who's girlfriend is constantly sought after by other men.

“Lady of Late” goes back into the more electronic sounds. It has catchy lyrics that are quite heavy.
“I was born, with a heart of stone
Till you came along, and you broke my throne
Now, Here I stand with your hand in mine
Still a humble man till the end of time”

“Don't look in my face, said the girl with a scar”
However, it is paired with really, really good music.

Following the electronic “Coal Mine”, “Red Sun” and the acoustic “Searching” and “Devil vs Heater” is “Cold Hands.” A song about two lovers dying in a car accident together.
“I was by your side when your hands went cold
When your hands went cold
You were by my side when my eyes went closed”

“Wait” has lighter content compared to the other songs on the album and it is accompanied by a mixture of acoustic and electronic sounds.
“I think I'm falling in love again,
I think I'm falling out of love again”

“White Coats” a predominately acoustic song follows, then the reverse song, “smaerD yhtroW”.

Priory is a pretty fun album music wise as it is varied, interesting and well composed. The lyrics add a darker meaning that you sometimes have to listen a few times to really get. Over all, very good.


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