Tuesday, December 15, 2009

*dances around room* GUESS WHAT I GOT!!!

OH YEAH! I've done my waiting, my getting nervous as hell 'coz when I got to the store the shipment hadn't arrived yet (UGH) but then I got it 3 hours later, my freaking out and of course, the obligatory picture-taking.

Apologies for the crap quality, I'm far too lazy to change the lens of my DSLR - the lens right now is too big to take pictures from close distances. LOL. ANYWAY.

The copies arrived separately - apparently last night it was already available at Astroplus MOA (Mall of Asia) but when I asked Odyssey SM North a while ago the album won't be available until later this week. The shipments to Astroplus The Block SM North and the department store record bar arrived just a while ago (around 3 PM-ish) but there was no sign of the album at Astroplus The Annex SM North. If you get the album in Astroplus there's a free poster but when I asked in the SM record bars the album doesn't come with a poster. Boo. LOL.

Yes, I know I'm supposed to be boycotting SM and all because they're stupid and DBSK aren't getting any money out of the album I buy but I don't care - as I always say the music comes first and I NEED to hear SOMETHING from DBSK in good quality. Even if the first 3 tracks they sing are actually mimed, I DON'T CARE. LOL. And I did scream when I opened up the poster (later in the car) - I was just holding back the squeals when I went into the record store and saw a whole box of the CDs and posters. Hahah. I'm happy.

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