Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ripple News - Powerpop Singer/Songwriter Todd Wright Releases 40 songs in 40 weeks for charity

This is the sort of project that the Ripple Effect loves to get behind, and a great late-Christmas present for you--free music!!!

Powerpop singer/songwriter Todd Wright has committed himself to release a free track download every Wednesday for 40 weeks with the 40th track released on his 40th birthday. All in an effort to raise awareness for Diabetes... Currently 9 weeks into the 40 x 40 project, you can learn more at:

The project originally started out as a musical midlife crisis of sorts, but after the first week took on a greater goal... to raise awareness to find a cure for Diabetes. Its a feel good story of a singer/songwriter paying it forward, hopefully with a little help from the interwebs we can make a difference in the fight against Diabetes. Cameron (8) and Bella (10), two children who are the inspiration for the project, both suffer from Juvenile Diabetes.

Now, we've seen projects before where artists flood the interweb with inferior product in the name of industriousness. 365 songs in 365 days, or what not, and in truth, the songs always sound like they were written and recorded in one day. That's not the case here! To begin with, Todd is a seasoned singer/songwriter who has written and shared the stage with such artist as Lucy Woodward, Toby Lightman, Pat McGee, Butch Walker, Better Than Ezra and others, and all those songwriting chops come to play here. Just check out the free downloads already available, including the Ripple Favorite, "Down With Me." This is strong, compelling songwriting, well-produced sound, and dynamite performances. Damn, around here we have a hard enough time just writing a song review every week, much less the actual song!

The first 8 tracks of the project can be streamed @:

And here's the link to all free downloadable tracks:

Feel free to spread the word. All individual tracks have their own embed code and are shareable across social networking sites.

Hear some great music, and if you can, donate to help support a good cause. All proceeds go to help fight juvenile diabetes.

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