Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ripple News - Rachael and The Ripple Effect Team-up to Offer Free Download of New Single

It wasn't that long ago that we told all you waveriders about a dynamite new band, Rachael, coming from the post-punk underground in Poland. Rachael's first release, I Bet You Like Drugs Instead of Sex, positively brimmed with confident energy, churning its tone of fuzzed out guitars and male and female counter vocals into an effortless siren of agit-pop.

Well, seems the Rachael folks are at it again, and this time they're releasing their moody new single for free through the Ripple Effect.

Click onto the links below and lose yourself in the trippy, neo-psychedelic vibe of "Watchsick." The song shows a tremendous leap forward in the band's growth, layering in swriling textures that flit and flicker like incense smoke. But don't go thinking the band have gone soft, the whole song is wrapped up in a dark malevolence, and spiked with charging guitars and true punk energy.

But stop listening to me tell you about it, download it for free and send us your thoughts.

Rachael's myspace:

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