Thursday, September 24, 2009

A (little) announcement/celebratory post.

THIS BLOG IS A FINALIST FOR THE 2009 PHILIPPINE BLOG AWARDS. Not just a nominee anymore - A FINALIST. You guys don't know how damn excited and honored I am.

I've said a million times that in my entire life, I have never won a single big thing by myself and that the Palanca awards meant the world to me but you know what, this blog awards thing seems bigger than what my Palanca dreams will ever be. I love blogging, I do it without fear or insecurity so to be recognized for something I love doing by peers who know what they're talking about makes this even sweeter.

Then there's the fact that I'm just a few days to 15 years old while some of the other finalists have been alive and blogging for longer than I have but there I am - right beside them. Whether I win or not, just being put with people a heck of a lot older than me is an honor in itself and makes me feel like I actually am somewhat good at this blogging thing.

The complete list of nominees is here:

This has just made my birthday the best one ever. My 15th birthday will be brilliant.

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