Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another side of the story

How I manage to blog amidst all this schoolwork still baffles even me.

I always passionately voice out my hatred for the always LATE and IGNORANT Philippine music industry but I thought it would be nice to present the side of our country's 'Premiere music channel' - Myx. I had a coincidental Twitter conversation with someone from the channel and needless to say, it was interesting at the very least.

I've been doing these Twitter-centered posts a lot recently - I don't know why.

The one I conversed with was nice and I get their side but that still doesn't change my stand. It's one I will always, always believe in and no offense but no one can completely change that because it's mine.

Myx: also in the myx daily top ten today: SJ has a new entry while JB is back!
Me: NEW ENTRY? A SUPER JUNIOR SONG THAT'S MONTHS OLD IS NOT NEW. UG RT @MYXphilippines also in the myx daily top ten today: SJ has a new entry..
Myx: it's new in the countdown, not our fault if the fans are voting for it just now
Me: And it's the record companies and fans who don't do their research who I blame. My dad's a record producer(eheads) , hahah.
Me (again): Pwede ba, I know my stuff - don't treat me like I know nothing. I'm not an ignorant, hit in the US-centric listener because I DO MY RESEARCH (Trans: Please)
Myx: sorry, must have caught you in a bad mood
Me: Yes, you have in fact have. Because of stupid record companies & because of school. I'm not a pleasant person when I'm mad.
Myx: but we never said anything about you not doing research though
Me: It's just a frustration I have in life, how a ton of people like someone but don't know a thing about them musically.
Myx: not arguing here, but some fans don't have the same resources. it's up to the enlighted ones like you to share what you know.
Me: Exactly why I have a music blog! But seriously, even the ones with resources don't know how. Like a lot of my schoolmates.
Myx: oh well, fans have different reasons for being "fans". good luck on your solo! hello to sir robin :)

They're nice, look what they said when I asked if I could publish this!

Me: Say, can I re-publish our 'conversation' on my blog sometime this week? I just got a blast of enlightenment.
Myx: it's your blog. you can write anything. will it be bad?
Me: OK. No - not at all! Just a sign of courtesy, some people don't like stuff re-published. But thanks anyway!
Myx: send us the link when it's already online

So there you go - a view from the other side of the equation. It was enlightening - seriously.

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