Friday, September 11, 2009

Pixie Lott - Turn It Up Post-review notes

It's been almost half a day since my first listen/review of Pixie's album and after listening to it again a couple of times, I have a few changes of opinion on the album as a whole. My reviews of the songs as songs stand as they are.
  • The even-ness of the quality of songs doesn't seem like a very good thing anymore. The album doesn't work like a story - there's practically no climax and they're all at the same level. As a whole Turn It Up doesn't take me through a story of some sort.
  • However, her vocals are still top-quality. The girl can sing damn well but I don't know - for some reason it's JUST the vocals that carry the album. If you give the songs to someone else some of them would sound dated or just not right. And I personally think that pop music is meant to be re-done - people generations after should be able to sing a good pop song during their time and not have it sound strange. But right now, I think Pixie gets the vintage and pop sides of her music.
  • Come to think of it, what Ken said in his review of the album is to a certain extent right (for me) - the album isn't as cohesive as it can be. Yeah sure, the individual songs are good as they are and some of them really link but after a few more listens it does sound a bit disjointed.
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