Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rant: Thoughts on Jaebeom's Quitting 2PM - Twitter style.

Since I'm way too lazy to rewrite what I think and everyone who's anyone has written this really long opinion on the matter - here's what I said on Twitter all of tonight for your convenience and amusement.My own tweets starting at around 6:40 PM-ish.
2. I'm deeply sorry for cursing but f***** HELL. WHY JAEBOM? WHY? I'm not an avid 2PM fan but seriously, fans are taking this WAY TOO FAR.
3. About 80% of the time (all over the world), if one member leaves pop band - it's over for everyone. Will 2PM be Westlife or the Spice Girls?
4. Once again - holy crap. JAEBOM LEFT 2PM. I hate to think about this but as I said, once one member leaves, it's downhill all the way.

Some conversations with K-pop fan friends:

The first conversation - with a school friend. This is in my native tongue so translations of the italicized parts follow for those who can't understand. hahah.
Friend 1: whyyyy jaebum whyyyy?? DDDD:
Me: Yun nga eh. Nagmura nga ako dita kanina eh! hahah. (translation: Exactly. I was even cursing here a while ago!)
Friend 1: nakakainis. srsly, minsan lang 'to pero naiyak ako konti! iba na kasi eh -_- (Trans: Annoying. Seriously, this doesn't happen very often but I feel like crying a bit! It's different now.)
Me: AS IN. Super lapit ko na talagang umiyak nung nabasa ko. This is taking a mistake in the past WAY TOO FAR - suicide petition? (AS IN. I was literally on the verge of crying when I read it. And you can understand the rest.. hahah.)
Friend 1: gawin natin suicide petition sa antis T^T (Trans: Let's make a suicide petition for the antis)
Me: TARA! OO nga - I tried understanding their depression when they start dating pero talagang DISRESPECT na 'to. (COME ON! Yeah - [start again after dating] but this is really DISRESPECT now.)
Friend 1: SOOBRAAAA> grabe eh. :| nakakainis, mas nanankit sila ng ibang tao eh (REALLYYYY. It's so annoying - they start hurting other people in the process.)
Me: OO nga eh. I understand that they have their own opinions and all pero exactly - nananakit sila at naninira ng pangarap. DEEP (Yeah. I understand that they have their own opinions but exactly - they're hurting people and destroying dreams.)
Friend 1: tama~! grabe na eh -_- ang babaw ng problema tsaka ang bata pa ni jay nun eh :| (RIGHT. It's really bad - the problem's really shallow and he was really young then.)

Then in the middle of the conversation above - I got into another one. This was in English. hahah.
Friend 2: OMG. I can't believe this. I just got back home too ><>.<>.<>.<
Me: I have to read this insanely deep Filipino novel! It's so annoying.

The third one with another school friend.
Friend 3: fck sht jaebooooooooooooom :(((((((((((
Me: *cries* JOIN THE CLUB.
Friend 3: :(((((((((((((((
Me: KAINIIIIIIIIIIIIIS. (Trans: Annoying.)

There you have it. hahah.

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