Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sugababes - About A Girl

I still haven't given in to Get Sexy and I highly doubt I ever will but this new song is giving me a tiny bit of hope that the girls still know what singing a melody means. However, I still have a ton of complaints about this song - there's no escaping my wrath, really.I've said time and time again (most recently on the Pop Panel) that I cannot stand generic and cheap dance/Eurocrap loops. I don't care if the melody is great and the arrangement is not bad - FOR CRAP'S SAKE WILL YOU PEOPLE GET SOME ORIGINALITY?! If I hear another cheap trance loop from some God forsaken European producer in Germany or Belgium whatever on a pop song I'm going to explode. There are a ton of other loops in the world and some of them are actually good, why stick with the cheap ones?

Sure, they sell *ahem* Lady Gaga *ahem* but there's more to music than selling. (I better stop here before I start ranting about the industry again.)

The melody at first listen is nothing special - when I first heard it I only liked the start before the verses started (and there's hardly any melody there) and hated the bridge with a passion. Now that I listen to it more though, it's a lot better than I thought it was. The breakdown during middle 8 is hands-down the best part of the song, they lost the annoying loop for a few seconds and the melody is remotely brilliant.

I forgot who but I think it was Paul who said this - Get Sexy only sounds good played real loud in a club. Add About a Girl to that statement and I'll agree 100%.

Honestly, I don't like the direction the Sugababes are going - it's genericly European and it's been done too much before and now. For crap's sake, I miss About You Now!
2.7/5 At least it's better than the Cheryl Cole single! hahah.

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