Monday, September 14, 2009

Super Junior M - Super Girl

As you all know, I live for a good pop song. It's not something serious, formally educated musicians around me will call 'good' but it's a guilty pleasure and something to help me learn musical elements (hahah.).

A good/outstanding pop song for me has an immensely catchy hook, an easy to pick up melody and repetitive elements but must be well-executed. The vocals outstanding, instrumental strong and arrangement tight - you don't find these kinds of songs every day. Most of the time they're pathetic attempts to create a hit or lazy, uncreative and recycled versions of good pop songs passed. If you're gonna take influences from something, you better take them creatively.(to people who know who SuJu M are, you can skip this part as it's just an intro the the group.) Which brings me to this song by Super Junior M. You've heard about Super Junior and how they're so big it took me nearly 4 months to memorize all their names and put them to face but they're also so big that their talent company split them up into what we call 'sub-groups'. Super Junior M is the sub-group for China - they, along with two Chinese members release material in Mandarin. As far as I know this is their first original China-only release because their previous singles were Chinese versions of Super Junior's Korean hits. Correct me if I'm wrong.

It's in Chinese. Yes. But I don't care - IT'S A SONG and IT'S DAMN GOOD.

In line with Sorry Sorry, Super Junior's Korean hit earlier this year, Super Girl is extremely catchy and insanely addictive - don't say I didn't warn you. There are a lot of techno/Eurocrap elements in the instrumental and although I hear a cheap loop somewhere there, it's almost completely covered up by the rest of the instrumental and the insanely addicted 'Oh Oh' 's throughout the song.

Now I said a good pop song must have a tight arrangement - this is what I'm talking about. The sections smoothly and cohesively transition from one to the other and there's practically no dead air throughout the song. The vocals are just - WOW. Donghae (the guy who starts the second verse) and Kyuhyun's (the guy who sings second in the first verse) voices are literally God's gifts to Super Junior.

An optional characteristic of a good pop song - it should sound extremely good at high volume(s). If you're gonna play it at parties or in public places it's got to be loud for a big space to hear it. So if it sounds even better REALLY LOUD then that's a plus point!

Actually, the tempo of the melody isn't that fast but the Eurocrap loop at the back makes it SEEM fast-paced. I always say that I hate songs with generic Eurocrap loops but that's because they weren't used properly - they were just slapped onto some random melody with absolutely no though process involved. Like anything else, if you correctly and creatively use something that almost always sounds cheap it will sound good and work wonders.

I'd hate to say this after all his slave-driving and the lawsuit with DBSK but what the heck - LEE SOO MAN CAN DAMN WELL WRITE/CHOOSE A POP SONG.

Listen to the song - IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Hahah. Possibly.
15/5!!!!! for being a heck of a lot better than some of the other songs I gave 5/5s to.

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