Saturday, December 27, 2008

# 6: Gia Farrell - Can and Cannot Do

I personally adored Hit Me Up to a point where that was all I was listening to and I even got my best friend addicted to it. When Syesha murdered it on Idol, I thought the performance lacked the kick that Gia's voice has.

So when I saw some new material by her earlier this year, I literally jumped at it and I got an amazing pop song.

Now tell me why all these mainstream, established artists can't do what this girl's doing? She's making amazing pop music that's clearly amazing with amazing melodies and a catchy chorus.

I'd say it's something in the vain of Queensberry/Eva Avila track No Smoke. It's smoother but it's still got that character and kick of the other song and it really, really matches her voice.


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