Tuesday, December 30, 2008


If this wasn't as amazing as it is, then I would've postponed posting this until next year and get on with the last post of the year but I can't wait!!!!!! It's a crime if I don't blog about it.

I love Britannia High, I truly do but thank God they didn't get this girl or else she wouldn't have come up with something this amazingly brilliant. For those who watched the two-episode Behind the Scenes docu on the series, remember a girl called Pixie Lott? Well it turns out, she's signed to a major label and has got new songs!

She's got an amazing voice, but what made this piece of news even better is that her songs are not just good, THEY'RE MIND BLOWING.

The song that just made me want to go and write this entry without hesitation is The Fall. If you're a fan of this year's Sugababes album, head on over to her myspace(the link is below..) and give the songs a listen, you'll love them.

Everything about this girl has the makings of a star, and I hope her debut album is filled with songs like this. Seriously, she's got the world at her feet, now where's the album? I seriously want her album by next year, I might freak if I don't.

Listen to the songs on her myspace profile. SHE'S AMAZING.

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