Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Two question marks for me this morning, Happy New Year again btw! haha.

Remember when I said that I'm loving Corbin's lead single, Celebrate You? Well apparently, it's not the lead single anymore. I love Celebrate You and all, I think it's brilliant but this is so much better! Sounds even more Disney and even more like a commercial than ever and that's good! I love the piano + beat at the start, it's so friggin' catchy! haha. He looks strange though, I don't like the new look with the sunglasses.

Now as much as I love Ordinary Days and Caledonia, they'll never be singles or if they are, they'll flop. Why? 'Coz I ADORE THEM and we all know what happens to the album tracks that I adore then get turned into singles(I can give you proof if you want!) so I think they correctly picked this one. Whether it'll be successful though, I'm not so sure. I think the X Factor curse is starting but you never know, if it works for someone it just might work for Leon!

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